Patient Resources

Our Community Partners

The Pietro Management Company owns several hotels conveniently located within San Francisco. We are able to provide our patients and caregivers who qualify complimentary lodging or access to deeply discounted rates that includes on-site parking.

We have partnered with Sutter Health CPMC’s Center for Advanced Heart Failure Therapies to provide navigation services for their heart transplant and LVAD patients. We work closely with their team to assist with patients’ needs at discharge and during their time with the Health Navigator Foundation.

Franny’s Kitchen delivers homecooked, organic dinners to patients and their caregivers the first month after advanced therapies. This is the time their immune system is lowest, making it difficult to access food from crowded grocery stores.

The Heartfelt Help Foundation is an organization founded by a heart transplant recipient, Denise Redeker, to help transplant patients with post transplant housing costs, so that they can focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

The Community Health Resource Center located in San Francisco has nutrition, wellness counseling available to our patients after advanced therapies. Their trained counselors have knowledge in heart healthy diets, as well as specialized diets catering to vegetarians or vegans. In addition, their trained Licensed Clinical Social Workers offer sliding scale psychotherapy for those needing counseling or mental health support.

We work with Lyft Concierge, providing on-demand rides for business and non-profit organizations. We offer complimentary rides to and from appointments for patients and caregivers who qualify.

We understand how critical it is for patients and their caregivers to be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with our team. It is also essential for us to understand how to tailor our navigation services and resources to benefit each individual patient and caregiver. We utilize the services of Globo, a certified translation service, to provide telephone and video interpretation as well as written material for patients in their native language.

After a heart transplant, patients need a caregiver by their side 24 hours per day. Compassionate Community Care has provided nursing and caregiving services to our patients that have been unable to identify support from their family or friends.