Peer Mentoring Program​

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Participation in the peer mentorship program will include the sharing of private health information between the mentor and the mentee. In order for a mentoring relationship to develop, both the mentor and mentee must agree that any discussion of private health information will be handled with discretion.

As such, we ask that you agree to keep confidential the specifics of any discussion held with your mentor/mentee, unless given explicit permission to share it with others. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing this information with friends and family, via email/text or on social media.

By signing your name below, you agree the above confidentiality terms of the peer mentor/mentee program. Please discuss any concerns you may have about this confidentiality agreement or the mentoring experience with the Health Navigator Foundation program directors.

I agree to keep confidential the specifics of my discussions with my mentor/mentee, as detailed above.